TOEIC Public Testing Exams 2023

All fees are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST. Payment of fees is required before enrolment and acceptance into the exam and enrolment is subject to acceptance of LEEC’s terms, conditions and regulations.

  • 20th Jan 2023(deadline 11th Jan)- Gold Coast
  • 17th Feb 2023(deadline 8th Feb)- Brisbane
  • 17th Mar 2023(deadline 8th Mar)- Gold Coast
  • 14th Apr 2023(deadline 5th Apr)- Brisbane
  • 12th May 2023(deadline 3rd May)- Gold Coast
  • 9th Jun 2023(deadline 31st May)- Brisbane
  • 7th Jul 2023(deadline 28th Jun)- Gold Coast
  • 4th Aug 2023(deadline 26th Jul)- Brisbane
  • 1st Sep 2023(deadline 23rd Aug)- Gold Coast
  • 6th Oct 2023(deadline 27th Sep)- Brisbane
  • 3rd Nov 2023(deadline 25th Oct)- Gold Coast
  • 1st Dec 2023(deadline 22th Nov)- Brisbane


  • AUD$180.00 Listening & Reading Test (1 Official Score Certificate with photo) OR
  • AUD$210.00 Listening & Reading Test (1 Official Score Certificate with photo & Certificate of Achievement)

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