First Certificate in English – FCE

FCE- Cambridge: First

First, also known as First Certificate in English (FCE), is an exam for people who need to prove they can use everyday written and spoken English at an upper-intermediate level for work or study purposes.

Ready for success in the real world

The Cambridge English: First exam uses real-life situations that are especially designed to help you communicate more effectively and learn the language skills you need to take the next step to success.

Real-life language skills

Cambridge English: First is set at Level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages. B2 is the level of English needed to:

  • study in English at foundation or pathway level
  • work in an English-speaking environment
  • live independently in an English-speaking country.

For example, at B2 level, you can expect to:

  • understand the main ideas of complex pieces of writing
  • keep up a conversation on a fairly wide range of topics, expressing opinions and presenting arguments
  • produce clear, detailed writing, expressing opinions and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of different points of view.

Preparing for Cambridge English: First will give you these kinds of practical language skills.

Globally accepted

Your certificate is accepted by thousands of employers, universities and government departments around the world.

  • It is accepted by thousands of industrial, administrative and service-based employers as a qualification in upper-intermediate English.
  • It is also accepted by a wide range of educational institutions for study purposes.
  • Companies such as American Express, Agfa-Gevaert GmbH, Siemens AG and Procter & Gamble all recognise the value of Cambridge English: First in their overseas offices.


Cambridge English: First is available internationally at over 1,000 centres. Also, with paper-based and computer-based exam options, you can choose when, where and how you take your exam.

Fast results

Get your results in just two weeks with our computer-based exams.


Cambridge English exams cover all major varieties of English and are designed to be fair to users of all nationalities and linguistic backgrounds.


Backed by the largest research programme of its kind, Cambridge English exams provide the most reliable reflection of your language skills.

A Cambridge English qualification

Once you have earned a Cambridge English certificate, you hold one of the most valuable English qualifications in the world.